Julie K

Congratulations to Julie K who is a RN in the Physician Extender Department for The Heart Group. Julie has been with The Heart Group for 24 years.


Julie is extremely important to the coordination of physicians hospital based operations. Keeping them informed of patient workups in a timely manner.


Julie is very driven to promptly complete her work in order to keep physicians on task, this helps the physician meet their other out of hospital responsibilities.


Julie has worked alone for the last 10 months, perhaps the greatest adaptability with in The Heart Group.


Julie has excellent attendance, always has complete and exemplary “notes” ready for physicians regardless of volume.

Team Player

Julie encourages physician communications, is a great resource to staff nurses at Deaconess Hospital as well at The Heart Group staff.

Service Oriented

Julie's quality of work has remained a high standard for all PE’s despite working under very challenging conditions this past year.