Billing FAQ's

Online Bill Pay Questions

Can I pay my bill online?
Yes.  You can make an online payment at by clicking the “Pay Online” button at the top of the page. You can also pay your bill from your My Heart Chart account by clicking the “Pay Online” button in the upper right corner of any page.

What type of payment is accepted?
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express

Is it safe to pay my bill online?
Yes.  The payment is made through a secure website that is PCI compliant.

Will you email me a receipt?
Yes, if an email address is provided at time of payment.


Billing Questions

Will you bill my secondary insurance? 
Yes, as a courtesy we will bill your secondary insurance if your insurance information is provided at time of service.

How do I know if my health plan requires a referral or pre-certification for service?
Contact your insurance plan to verify your responsibilities and requirements for service.  The contact information for your insurance plan will be located on your insurance card.

If your office pre-certifies my procedure, doesn’t that mean my procedure will be covered?
No. Pre-certification is performed by our office as a courtesy to you in arranging for your procedure and is never a guarantee of coverage. In order for you to know the extent of your coverage for a service, you need to contact your insurance company to discuss specifically what is covered under your plan and the extent of payment required from you for deductibles and coinsurance.

Who do I call if I have questions about my bill?
Please call our Patient Account Representatives at (812) 464-0521, or (800) 710-7151

What address do I mail my payment to?
The Heart Group
P.O. Box 3316
Evansville, IN 47732-3316